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Tara Thai 2Go 

Delivery & Catering 


Appetizers $6.95

1 .Egg Rolls (5)                              
Cabbages, glass noodle, carrot wrapped with egg roll skin.

2 .Fried Tofu                   
Deep fried tofu served with sweet & sour sauce topped with ground peanut.

3 .Potstickers (6)                           
Ground chicken-seasoning


Salad $10.95

4.Papaya Salad 
Papaya, carrot, green beans, tomatoes, ground peanuts in spicy garlic lime dressing.

Made with ground chicken, mint leaves, red onion, scallions, cilantro, roasted rice powder in spicy lime sauce.


6.Tom Yum  $10.95
Scallions, mushrooms, tomatoes, lemon grass, galangal, cilantro, kaffir lime ,lime juice

7.Tom Kha $11.95
Coconut milk, scallions, mushroom, tomatoes, lemon grass, galangal, lime juice

8.Thai Boat Noodle Soup $10.95
Beef, beef ball, bean sprout and rice noodle in beef soup. 


9.Red Curry                
Red curry paste with coconut milk, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, carrot, thai basil

10.Green Curry
Green curry paste with coconut milk, bamboo shoot green bean, bell pepper,zucchini,thai basil

11.Yellow Curry        
Yellow curry paste with coconut milk, potatoes, onion, carrots

12.Panang Curry ∗  
Panang curry paste with coconut milk, zucchini, peas,carrot 

13.Massaman Curry 
Massaman curry paste with coconut milk, potatoes, onion, carrots


Tara Thai Main Dishes $10.95

14 . Tara Thai Special 
Stir-fried with ground chicken,onion,basil,green beans, thai chili, topped with a fried egg $12.95

15.Thai Basil 
Stir-fried with bell pepper ,green beans, onion, basil, thai chili , garlic ,special cooking sauce.

16.Cashew Nut
Stir-fried with cashew nut, bell pepper, onion , scallions ,carrot, special cooking sauce

17.Thai Garlic
Stir-fried  with garlic and black pepper, broccoli, carrot.

18.Broccoli Oyster Sauce
Stir-fried with broccoli, carrot and oyster sauce

19.Mixed Vegetable
Stir-fried with mixed vegetable, garlic and oyster sauce.


Fried Rice

20.Crab Fried Rice $14.95                        
Fried rice with crab meat, egg ,onion ,scallion ,peas ,carrot

21.Tara Thai Fried Rice $10.95                  
Stir-fried with egg, onion, scallion ,peas ,carrot

22.Spicy Basil Fried Rice   $10.95       
Stir-fried with bell pepper, onion ,carrot ,garlic , thai chili, basil, special cooking sauce.  

23.Pineapple Fried Rice $10.95              
Stir-fried with egg, pineapple , cashew nut, curry powder.

Noodles $10.95

24.Pad Thai
Stir-fried with rice noodle, egg, bean sprout,scallions, crushed peanuts ,pad thai sauce.

25.Pad See Ew
Stir-fried with flat noodle, broccoli ,carrot ,egg ,sweet soy sauce

26.Drunken Noodles               
Stir-fried with flat noodle, bell pepper, onion,carrot ,basil ,garlic ,special cooking sauce.


Please Call in Advance for Pricing on Trays of Items    


Choice of Protein

 Chicken, Pork, Tofu

Beef Add $1 Extra

Shrimp Add $3

Combination (No tofu included) $14.99


How to Spicy

Mild  ∗∗Medium  ∗∗∗Spicy  ∗∗∗∗Thai Hot


Individual Serving

Streamed Jasmine Rice  $2.50

Streamed Noodles  $2.50

Fried Rice with Egg  $2.99

Streamed Veggies  $3.49  


Mango with Sticky Rice (Seasonal) $6.95
Sweet sticky rice with mango and coconut milk.

Coconut Ice Cream      $3.95

Cheesecake     $4.95


Soda $1.50          

Thai ice tea (16 oz) $4
Add Boba $0.50

Bottled Water (16.9 FL oz) $1.99


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